Spice & nut mix - for every meal

This is a seed and spice mix, one of all versions, that I keep in a glass jar at home and I sprinkle it over meals to give it a more interesting flavor and a crunchy texture.

All you need is your favorite grains and spices !

For this one, the quantity of the ingredients is really up to how you like it, be creative and use what you like ;)

Pumkin seeds

Sunflower seeds
White sesame seeds
Black sesame seeds
Coriander seeds
Sea salt
Toasted soya beans
Raw cacao nibs (add after, do not heat them)

Mix everything, grill in a pan or oven on low temperature until the seeds are a bit golden.
Add in a jar, and keep it over the week for your meals.
Can also be a good gift, just let it cool and put it in a nice jar!

There are millions of version, and you can add what ever you like. A good way to get a higher nutritional value to your meal, get those good fats and fibers and I am sure even kids will love it.


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