Grilled Chinese Spare Ribs Recipe

If you enjoy grilling, whether indoors or out, you may enjoy our version of this very simple dish. Our grilled Chinese spare ribs recipe is easy to follow and so, very appetising not only to the eyes but to the belly, as well.

Grilled Chinese Spare Ribs Recipe

Grilling is not one of the common methods of cooking back home in the Philippines. What is usual in many Filipino homes are sautéing, frying and cooking with soups and sauces. Grilling… err, not much. We do enjoy our grilled foods. Often, we buy it on the streets or restaurants. If there is a gathering, it is most likely that grilled fish or pork of some kind will be part of the spread.

Living overseas however, has taught us (hubby and me) to enjoy grilling more… and more. Aside from the fact that we miss grilled Filipino foods; we do admit that it is a lot cheaper – cooking food at home. And so this grilled Chinese spare ribs recipe, while it has a touch of Chinese ingredient (oyster sauce) in it; is actually inspired by one of the hole in the wall eateries in the university where hubby and I went. 

Almer’s, this one’s for you. I wonder if you still serve the hungry Thomasians in Dapitan…

Pork inihaw

Anyway, this is how we prepare grill Chinese spare ribs at home.

Ingredients:-Pork barbeque spare ribs, 500g

Grilled Chinese Spare Ribs Recipe

-Freshly cracked black peppercorns, 1/2tbsp
-Garlic powder, 1tbsp
-Soy sauce, 1/4cup
-Oyster sauce, 2tbsp
-Raw or brown sugar, 1tbsp
-Lemon, 1wedge
-Paprika, 1tsp (optional)

1.    In a deep dish, rub the spices and seasonings on the pork. Make sure to cover all the surface of the pork.
2.    Marinate for at least an hour.

My husband prepares these bad boys way, way ahead of his cooking time. He is very particular in the prepping of his food. So for us, the pork would sit on the marinade for about 3-4 hours.

3.    Grill away.

We seldom grill outside. (We are lazy that way! Lol!) That being said, grilling inside does the job for us. It usually takes 5-7 minutes for each side. These ones here were done for that time. It’s just right. See the charred portions of meat? Love it! If you’re grilling outside, it’s easier without timing them since you can see the meats as they cook. Our inside griller is enclosed so we need to time the cook.

4.    Cut in desired size when ready to serve.

Grilled Chinese Spare Ribs Recipe


5.    Enjoy with hot steamy rice.

How easy was that?! Here’s what we had for dinner. 

Grilled Chinese Spare Ribs Recipe

On the side, we had a serving of vegetable salad – a mix of cut onions, fresh tomatoes and boiled broccoli. The dressing of this salad is the modest shrimp paste (bagoong alamang). If you think it’s an odd combo, I am telling you that it is not. It’s a yummy feast (a bit similar to the Almer’s ‘spare rib’ dish) that hubby and I really enjoy, now at the comfort of our home.

Remember me when you grill! 

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