Greek Style Navy Bean Soup

Soup is just what the weather ordered. This soup freezes well too. So make extra and have some lunches for future meals.

You'll Need
· 1 pound dried navy beans
· 2 onions, chopped
· 2 celery stalks with leaves, chopped
· 2 carrots, peeled and diced
· 4 sprigs fresh parsley, chopped
· 1 cup chopped, drained tomatoes
· 1 bay leaf
· 2 sprigs fresh mint or thyme
· 1/3 cup olive oil
· Salt and pepper to taste

· Wash beans and soak overnight in cold water.
· The next day, in a soup kettle, bring the beans to a boil in the soaking water.
· Skim off the foam, then add the remaining ingredients, cover, and simmer gently until the beans are tender, about 3 hours.
· Serve hot.
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