How To Cook Jolly Fried Chicken | Fried Chicken Recipe

If I could at least re-make a close to similar taste of Jollibee’s Chickenjoy in my own kitchen, would I dare try? Heck, yeah! And so, I will. And so, I did.

Fried Chicken Recipe

Jollibee has long convinced me as a kid that its Langhap Sarap Chickenjoy Fried Chicken has got to be one of the best chicken recipes ever cooked in the whole wide world. I suppose many Filipinos would agree with me on that. The ‘I Love You Sabado’ commercials of the giant food chain may have played a big part in the brainwash… but, it worked (and for a long time, too!). In fact, it took years before I finally opened my options (and palate) to the chicken of McDonald’s and KFC. They do have their differences. But what’s never gonna’ change is how I will always reminisce the wonders of being a child having a Jolly Chickenjoy and a small service of cupped rice neatly packed in a styro-foam as I ate those mouth-watering chicken legs and breast with gusto, content and pride. Priceless!

Now that I’m all grown up though, it’s about time I make my own fried chicken. Inspired and guided with that memory of eating the juiciest, tastiest Jolly Fried Chicken, I share this recipe with you.

-Chicken, 1kg, cut
-Salt, 1-2 tsp*
-Freshly ground black pepper, 1-2 tsp* 

*Adjust depending on your preference

Fried Chicken Recipe

Jollibee Fried Chicken Wannabe Coating:

-Rice flour, ½ cup
-Cornstarch, ½ cup
-Five spice powder, ½ tbsp
-Garlic powder, ½ tbsp
-Onion powder, ½ tbsp
-Salt, ½ tsp
-Cooking oil, for frying

1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper.
2. Let the chucks sit for at least 10 minutes.
3. Mix all the ingredients for coating on a large bowl. Make sure to combine them evenly.
4. Start coating the chicken one by one. Make sure that all surface of the chicken is covered, including the inner portions under the skin.
5. Shake off excess powder mixture from the chicken.
6. Heat the oil for frying.
7. When ready, fry the chicken under medium heat.

In our case, we didn’t deep fry our chucks because it seems to be too excessive. Just make sure that at least half of chicken is covered by the oil.

8. Avoid overcrowding the pan with the chucks. Give them enough space to cook and breathe.
9. Drain as they cook.
10. Serve while hot.

Fried Chicken Recipe

Remember me when you cook!

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