Charleston Annual Garden Tour- Part I

Every year in downtown Charleston, homeowners open their homes and private gardens to the public. If you are like me, then you enjoy the experience of taking a walking tour through exquisitely manicured gardens where one is transported into a wonderland of scenic landscapes, filled with beauty and color.

I had the chance to tour some exquisite gardens in the Historic District of downtown Charleston, and in the Old Village of Charleston, homes dating back to circa 1680, showcase their architecture, history, gardens and culture.

The gardens compliment the unique character of each house. Local plants, flowers and garden designs are on display, most of them showing elements of Italian and English gardens throughout, which in many cases are the extensions of the homes.

First one to visit was the oldest brick home in the Old Village of Charleston where the gardens are interconnected with orchard stone paths.

Here, an indoor porch on the side of the home; and it wraps around to the back of the house, leading to an outdoor piazza and a Grandmother's Garden, shown below.

Gorgeous!  I love how they utilize natural materials such as brick and stone, and alternating areas of light and shade, and the use of water and classical stone urns and benches.

So charming. Oh yeah, I can live here... Tea anyone?

Charleston is known for its Magnolia trees. Can't help notice the lovely bouquet of magnolias on the table.

Come closer, you see the harbor...

An outdoor fireplace greets you as you step down from the stone patio and stroll along the path to find more hidden gardens. 

Can anyone name this pretty bloom?

As I walked near the harbor and looked back, I can appreciate all the beautiful trees the owners had planted. The palms, magnolias, oaks and even Italian cypress trees make this garden so charming.

And as I leave one property to walk to another, I couldn't help but take some photos of these massive oak trees.  They were everywhere! 

Well, that's it for now. I look forward to posting Part II very soon. Until then, have a great day!  
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