Musk Melon Seeds Burfi - Melon Seeds Burfi

I am very happy to share with you that my blog has Completed 4 years in blogging Journey. My Hearfelt Thanks to all my Readers,Co Bloggers,family and friends, for their support, motivation and Encouragement. 

     Today I am Sharing Musk Melon  Seeds Burfi, which is a Very Popular sweet Recipe in vysyas Home. I am a big fan of this Recipe.I hope from kids to Elders everyone like this sweet.After making this sweet i have given to the neighbour, to taste & asked them to identify the name. They told as Badam burfi,Kaju Burfi,Coconut Burfi like that. They can't recognize. yes !!! this burfi has very unique & distinct Taste with combination of all taste. I told it was Musk Melon seeds burfi. They were so surprised to hear it. I explained the method, they told that they will surely try. I wanted to share this special recipe for you all,on this special occasion.

4th Blog Anniversary

Musk Melon  Seeds Burfi

 Prep Time : 15  min. 
Cook Time : 15   minutes.
Recipe Category:Sweet Recipe
yeild :15

Musk Melon Seeds - 1 cup.
Sugar - 1 cup.
Water - 1/2 cup.
Ghee - 1/4 cup.


  • Powder the Melon seeds in a mixie or blender, and keep  aside.
  • Grease the plate with Ghee and keep it ready.


  • Take the thick bottomed vessel, add sugar,then add 1/2 cup of water.keep the flame to medium.(make sure that sugar completely immerse in water).
  • water starts thickening slowly, as you cook. Boil till sugar Reaches 1 string consistency.

  • How to check 1 string Consistency? Take few drops of syrup between your Index finger and Thumb finger, and pull it apart, a string will form as shown in the picture. 
  • Sprinkle Melon  seeds powder. stirring continously. Make sure that it should not have any lumps.
  • When it is almost thick, add Ghee little by little.Keep stirring.
  • Initially you can find frothy here & there, as you proceed, the whole mixture turns frothy.
  • you  get nice  Pourous texture, as shown in the picture.Now transfer the mixture to Greased plate.

  • Pat it well with ladle, or big Spoon.
  • When it is little warm draw lines, as per your desire shapes.Then store it in a air tight container,when it is completely cool.

  • Its shelf life will be 1 week. 
  • when you check for one string consistency, take sugar syrup from back of ladle, it will be little bit warm.
  • if one string is not formed, keep on cooking , till  it reaches the consistency.
  • Always sprinkle the powder to cook evenly.
  • when the whole  mixture turns frothy, immediately pour over the Greased plate, else burfi turns hard.

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