Start A YouTube Channel In 10 Minutes

Do you want to start a YouTube channel but you feel unsure of where to start? Well I am here to help!  Starting a YouTube channel can seem very intimidating. Not many people talk about how to start a YouTube channel and the real basics of it. Today I will be letting you in on how to start up your very own YouTube channel! You can check out my YouTube channel here--> SweetEmelyne's

Create your channel

The first thing you will need to do is go to , in the top right corner click sign in then click create account.
After you have done this you can go back to YouTube, in the top right corner click your name/icon and click Creator Studio. It will say "you must create a channel to upload videos" click "create a channel". It will give you the option to name your channel and select a category for your videos. Below I have some tips on naming your channel. 

Naming your channel

The name of your channel sets the tone for your channel, here are some tips for choosing your channel name.
  • Make is memorable
  • Is it easy to spell?
  • Try to stick to letters only
  • Short & sweet
  • A name that can grow with you

Create a theme for your channel

Creating a consistent theme is so important for a channel. You want your audience to come to your channel and know what it is about. For instance, my theme is girly and vintage. When people come to my channel I want them to get that vibe. You can show your theme by creating channel art. 

Channel art: banner & profile picture

A channel banner is the window to your channel. When people go to your channel they will most likely see your channel banner first. There are many websites that can help you create a channel banner. My favorites are..
  • PicMonkey is essentially like photo shop, you can erase backgrounds and create a lot of cool effects without having to be skilled!
  • Canva is where I created my most recent channel banner (pictured above). They have many beautiful fonts that will make your banner look professional.
Here is the template you will need to create your channel banner, it also will explain more on how to do so! You can simply upload the template into one of the websites I listed and build your banner on top! Be sure to stay in the lines!
A profile picture is also very important. This part is fun! You can get together with your friends, find cute outfits, do your hair and makeup (if your'e a gal of course hehe) and have a photoshoot day! I love doing this, I actually find that I take the best photo's when I am alone, so I use my tripod and timer on my camera. I don't feel the pressure to look a certain way and I can take as long as I need!
  • If your'e starting a makeup channel you may want to be holding a makeup brush or pretend to be applying blush in your picture.
  • If your'e starting a DIY or baking channel you can hold a glue gun or some yummy treats!
This wraps up part one, these were the basics to starting your channel. If you would like to know how to make videos & thumbnails, gain subscribers, make money, info on networks and so on, leave me a comment asking and I will make a part two!

If you have any questions be sure to tweet me or ask on Instagram @SweetEmelynes

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