Warm Apple & Chocolate Dessert

Photo: Copiright Lina Bou. Plate from Ofr Gallery, Paris

Almost June, we thought that we would have summer weather and sun out right now huh? But it is pretty rainy and grey in Paris, so a part from dancing and doing that cozy stuff you feel like doing these days.. I felt like a warm dessert could be nice, there are still nice apples to get at the market so I made this warm and cozy apple dessert for you !

2 servings

3 apples
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp honey
35g 100% chocolate 
Optional spices; cinnamon, vanilla or cayenne pepper

Wash and cut the apples in small pieces. Put in a pan together with the lemon juice and honey and cook on low temperature while stirring. When the apples get soft, approximately after 20 minutes, add the chocolate (and spices if you like) and keep cooking until it all is well mixed together.

Done !

Take care, 

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