Sambucus Nigra - Elderflower

Sambucus Nigra - Elderflower

Plants are Nature, Medicine, Nutrition, Food and much more.
They are beautiful to discover and look at, and everyone got their own story and benefits.

I studied herbal medicine, but there is still so much more to learn and even if I spent my whole life only studying medicinal plants I wouldn't learn everything.
.. Especially how to harvest your own and how to use it, I found very interesting today when we are so used (luxury!) to get all different kinds of plants and foods all year around, wow..

During the past month I have been studying some of my favorite kind of medicinal plants a bit closer, and I have been painting these, for myself but also for different projects.
Today I thought I would share one with you in the waiting for next recipe on the blog.

For me an inspiring illustration, or plant, can be a great start of a meal !
What would go well with it ?
How would you do it, sweet or savory?
Are there more ingredients that grows besides it that would make a nice salad or pesto ? Or maybe use the flowers to decorate your dessert?

For further information and interest in purchasing an illustration please contact me on

Take care !
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