3 tbl melted butter
3/4 cup milk
2/3 unbleached flour
1 teas bakeing powder
1/3 teas salt
1 tbl honey
1 egg beaten
1/3 cup finley ground leached acorn meal; (*)

Combine dry ingredients. Mix together.. egg & milk then beat into dry
ingredients, forming a smooth batter. Add butter. Drop batter unto hot
greased griddle. Bake turning each cake, when it is browned on
underside,puffed and slightly set on top. makes 12-15 cakes.

(*) Grind acorns. Spread meal 1/2′ thick on porous cloth and pour HOT water
over the meal. repeat several times OR boil acorns for 2 HOURS, pour off
Black water. Soak in cold water 3-4 days, then grind into a paste or
pulverize acorns. Allow water to trickle thru meal ( put meal in Muslin bag
and place bag in clear running stream ) for 20 hours. dry & grind again.

A SIMPLE way is to go to any KOREAN asian store or market and buy acorn flour.
Do not buy or use acorn starch for this recipe.

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