1 lb dried fruit
2 tablespoon brown sugar
2 cup corn meal, well sifted

Cook fruit about half done in water that is 1.5″ over the fruit. Pour
scalding hot fruit over meal, soup [liquid] and all. If meal is not
soft enough to hold it’s shape with the fruit and soup, add boiling
water. Mold into round oblongs and wrap in corn husks longwise. Tie
each end and two or three sections in the middle, drop into boiling
water and cook covered until done. These were made especially for
Indian children to be eaten between meals, like candy or cookies.

1955, Acee Blue Eagle (Creek) Acee Blue Eagle was a famous Indian

This is a sample recipe from “Corn Recipes from the Indians,” ISBN
0-935741-15-1 copyright 1988 Frances Gwaltney
From: “Valerie “Nagi” Brestel-Ohle”

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