Atukula Payasam / Aval Payasam is a simple & easy to make sweet dish on a busy festival day. Aval payasam is a krishnashtami special dish & is offered to god on this special day. Atukula Payasam can be customized according to your taste, like flavoring it up coconut or almond paste for a much flavorful sweet dish.

Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-15-20mins | Serves-3people 
1/2Cup atukulu/aval/poha {thick one’s}
1&1/2Cups milk {I used 2%fat milk}
1/2Cup sugar
1Tsp cardamon powder
1Tbs ghee
Few cashews
– Heat pan with ghee. Add cashews to ghee & fry them to light brown.
– Remove them on to a plate
– Add milk & sugar to pan. Bring it to boil on low heat by stirring once in a while.
– Add atukulu/poha & cardamon powder to milk & cook on low heat for 10mins, while stirring in between. 
– Add fried cashews to payasam & adjust sugar if needed. 
– Switch off heat & allow the kheer to cool a little before serving. 
– You can use jaggery instead of sugar. If using jaggery add the same amount as sugar & adjust if needed. Adding jaggery at the end before adding cashew, so that the milk won’t cuddle up. 
– Add raisins if you like. 
– Use another cup of milk if you like kheer to be more liquidly. 

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