For dough:
Butter – ¾  of pack
Egg -1 
Milk – – 1 glass
Sugar- 1 Tblsp
Soda canceled by vinegar 0.5 teasp
Flour 500gr
Flour for making shapes 300gr
For cream^
Yolks 6 items
Sugar  450-500gr
Butter  300gr (I added half)
 Milk -3 liters
Starch 5 Tblsp
Vanilla -2 packs
At first prepared cream/ Yolks mix with sugar. Boil 2,05 l of milл. Pour the milk by thin spirt, constantly mixing. Into the cold milk add starch  and mix. As just the milk-egg liquid begins to boil add starch. Still constantly mixing . carry the cream to the more solid consistence and left to cool.
When the cream will be cool near 30 degrees. Step by step add to it butter in room temperature. All cream should be the room temperature for better  soaking.
The tip: the cream should gutter from spoon  evenly.
For dough:
The butter heat to liquid state. The egg grinds with sugar, add the butter, milk, and soda with vinegar.  Mix the dough. Share the dough to the two parts. One of them put to the fridge. From the one part of dough should get 16 pieces, totally 32   Roll the dough min 30 cm , preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Bake the shortcakes on preheated deco about 5 min to slightly brown color. Use 2 shortcakes for decoration the cake.  The cake should absorb the cream , approximately 3 hours, but better left on one night.

Bon appetite!

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