– Radish 2 bundles*
– Salt about 1 tsp*
– Vinegar 8 Tbs(120ml)
– Sugar 3 Tbs
– Lemon Juice 1 tsp
– Salt a pinch

  1. Place one radish between chopsticks and put a fine cut and then turn the radish 90°and put a fine cut also.
  2. Sprinkle salt over cut radish and mix it well. Leave it about 30 minutes.
  3. In a Ziploc bag, mix vinegar, sugar, lemon juice and salt well.
  4. Squeeze extra water from the radish and put the radish into the vinegar mixture.
  5. Keep it in a refrigerator about 2h.
  6. Squeeze extra vinegar and fix the form like chrysanthemum with finger and put lemon zest in the middle of the radish.
*Please decollate with something green. 

*You can keep radish over 1 day in the vinegar, but the color of the radish will be completely pink color.

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