(Leek Sauce)
Garlic 1or 2 pcs
Ginger 1 small pce
Vinegar 6 Tbs
Soy Sauce 6 Tbs
Sugar 34Tbs
Sesame Oil 2 Tbs
Leek(only white part) 1/21 cup
Green Onion 1/21 cup

Aubergine as you like
Leek Sauce
Grind Garlic and Ginger.(or finely chop)
Mince Leek and Green Onion finely.
Add all ingredients and mix it well.
*You can put garlic and ginger at your preference.

Cut Aubergine into baton shape.
Fry the aubergine in deep fat until its get soft(maybe 3-5 minutes.)
Pour the Leek Sauce over fried Aubergine.

*You can use this sauce whatever you want. Example for fried chicken or for steamed vegetable or for boiled sliced meat etc…

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