PHOTO BY: Stevendepolo

The second EGG DAY has come and gone it was as fantastic as the first one. There were similar faces and different ones too. The food was switched up a bit this time. I was channelling 1962. In part because I’ve been getting caught up on Mad Men, I recently saw Julie and Julia and Gena and I were snorting out loud as we looked through the horrendous pictures in the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook that was printed that same year.

I made the Mandarin Duet Jell-O Salad. which is an orange jell-0/sherbet ring filled with ambrosia salad. Memories were relived and some were actually created with that cherry topped dessert.

It was fabulous.

I had printed off happiness and happiness related quotes to generate conversation which it did. I thought I’d ask people to share “egg” idioms too. As I am a lover of idioms and people do enjoy a little verbal gaming as a way to engage. But that will wait until next time.

Oh and there will be a next time. September 20th actually. So if you’re in the mood consider checking it out. I promise a full belly and maybe a giggle or two.

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