Homemade Coconut Milk… 2 Ingredients… 100% Coconut!


I want to share with you this FABULOUS coconut milk recipe. I’ve used canned coconut milk, like forever, for recipes that call for it. Not anymore! Toss that canned crap and give a big, warm welcome to this divine beverage. Divine, I tell you! Smooth, sweet and creamy. It’s like drinking a coconut. The flavor is amazing. I could have guzzled the ENTIRE batch easily. Self restraint was difficult.

Coconuts are very high in fat, so I don’t often indulge. I know you’re thinking that it’s good fat. Well, maybe a small percentage of it is good. But it’s still a high caloric load and most of those calories are from fat. What about coconut oil? Gah! Don’t get me started. Many vegans and raw foodists proclaim the health benefits of coconut oil and use it abundantly. At 92% saturated fat, um, I’ll pass. See my post What I Didn’t Know About Tropical Oils for a detailed view on the subject. Of course, as with any controversial subject, some of you may not agree!

All you need to make this milk is 2 ingredients: dried, shredded coconut and pure coconut water. And a blender, of course. You could also certainly use freshly-grated coconut meat, but it is sometimes difficult to find fresh coconuts, at least where I live. So, if you have a recipe that calls for coconut milk, or just simply want to indulge in a smooth, sweet treat, here it is.


  • 2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 3 cups pure coconut water
NOTE: Use a 1:1 ratio for a creamier, thicker milk.


  1. Blend on high for one to three minutes, depending on the power of your blender.
  2. Strain through a nut bag (this step is crucial for a smooth milk).
  3. Save the pulp! It’s your own homemade coconut flour. Dehydrate it for future use or use within 24 hours.
  4. Shake well before using as it WILL separate… no stabilizers in there!
dig my nifty gif?
Makes a little more than 3 cups (or about 2 cans worth). Enjoy!

Wishing all my U.S. readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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