Irish Soda Bread is a instant bread, made using baking soda & butter milk as raising agents. You don’t use yeast & also don’t have to wait for hours for the bread to raise again & again.
Buttermilk is one of the main ingredients in this bread & I replaced it with yogurt as I didn’t have buttermilk readily available. They came out perfectly puffed up even when I have used yogurt. Maybe it’s the active cultures that are same in both yogurt & buttermilk, which are working the same way. 
I made Irish soda bread buns instead of a whole bread for my serving convenience, you can make it as a whole bread & the recipe remains the same. You can add in few dry nuts, choco chips or any other of your choice by mix & matching them or as solo hero’s in this recipes.
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Adapted from here.
Prep Time-10mins | Bake Time-30mins | Serves-8buns
2Cups all purpose flour + 3Tbs flour for dusting
1Tsp baking powder
1Tsp baking soda 
1/2Tsp salt
3Tbs brown sugar 
1/2Cup raisins 
1/2Cup solid butter 
3/4Cup butter milk
– Pre-heat oven @350degrees & brush a muffin pan with butter.
– In a big bowl sift flour, baking powder & soda. To that add salt & brown sugar.
– Chop butter in to small pieces & add it to the flour bowl. 
– In another small bowl whisk egg & buttermilk. 
– Add the egg mixture to flour bowl & mix it well. Fold raisins in to the dough. 
– Dust the plain surface with flour & place the dough & form a ball of dough.
– Divide dough into 8 equal size buns or as many you like. 
– Arrange the buns in muffin pan & brush them with little melted butter on top. 
– Bake them @350degrees for 30mins or as needed.
– Once you see the brown crust & after a tooth pick comes out clean, remove the pan from oven. 
– Allow them to cool & serve them with butter or your choice of jam. 

– Don’t use melted butter in this recipe. Using melted butter increases the wetness in the recipe & that turns the dough too sticky.
– You can bake this dough as one big bread if you want. For that layer a pan with parchment paper & place the round shaped dough on it. Make a slit in a cross shape on top of the bread & bake it as mentioned above. 
– Baking time changes from oven to oven. Adjust the time as needed.

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