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Phool Makkhana / Fox nut is a popped lotus seed & is used in Indian cooking widely. This nut is rich in proteins & carbs. This nut helps in detoxifying & easily digestible to all ages. 
Makkhane ki kheer is creamy & tasty dish. It is also a healthy dish & is made for fasting days. This kheer is thick & I used vermicelli along with the makkhana to make it much delectable. This version of kheer is little different than the other’s out there.

Cook Time-5mins | Serves-2People
1Cup Phool makhana
1/4Cup Vermicelli 
1&1/2 Cup milk {2%fat}
3Tbs sugar
1/2 Tsp Cardamon Powder
1Tbs Ghee
Few raisins
Few cashews
– Heat vessel with ghee. To that add raisins & cashews. 
– Fry them for few seconds & remove them on to a plate. 
– To the same vessel add vermicelli & phool makhana.
– Fry them for few seconds & milk to the vessel.
– Bring it to boil & add sugar, cardamon powder to milk. 
– Cook on low heat for 10mins & switch off heat. Adjust sugar if needed.
– Mix the fried raisins & cashews to kheer. 
– You can skip vermicelli from the recipe & cook it for a little longer time to get the thick consistency.
– Instead of ghee fried cashews & raisins, you can add blanched almonds to kheer.

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