Action speaks louder than words….

One lazy Sunday afternoon in southern France under the turqouise blue sky and probably hundreds of cicada singing; hubby requested for a moisty chocolate cake.
I browsed over the recipe books and found one easy to make. Off to the kitchen and started making it. Once it was ready, I thought about my blog. So I sliced a big part and went to the garden for some shots. But Mayumi was curious….

She went beside me and put her stuffs…
She pretended she was busy playing ….
She looks around and checked that nobody’s looking..
Then she reached out…..
She started scooping….
Then off she steals my subject…. well I guess after all, Actions are much faster than a camera click 🙂

So where’s the rest of the cake? When I went back for another slice, they ate it all up. Good recipes sometimes is hard to blog 🙂

Moist Chocolate Cake
200 g of dark chocolate
200 g of butter (about 2 sticks)
5 eggs
one tablespoon of flour
150 g of sugar (about one cup)

Melt your butter and chocolate in bain marie, then add your sugar, your flour and your eggs one by one. Mix them all together. Grease your pan, and bake it on a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes at 180° celsius.
Let’s check your eyesight? Could you find Mayumi in the picture?

Some freshly cut lavander drying up in the garden…

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