Okonomiyaki is Japanese pancake made of eggs & flour mixed with few veggies, noodles & topped with a special sauce to complete the recipe. The name okonomiyaki means “As you like it” or “What to like it” & sure you can literally add anything you like. I have seen few recipe which kept on adding & adding lot of layers to this pancake. 
Okonomiyaki pancakes are topped with a special sauce named as Okonomiyaki sauce. But to customize it I followed the recipe below I mentioned & customized it to our taste buds. me & hubby like spicy things, so I added some sriracha sauce to kick some heat {Though it wasn’t enough for us :)}. Try these breakfast pancakes, sure you will love them.

Adapted from here.
Prep Time-10mins | Cook Time-15mins | Serves-4large pancakes 
1/4Cup wheat flour {replace with all-purpose flour}
1Cup shredded cabbage 
2Carrots grated 
2Scallions chopped 
1Tsp salt 
2Tbs oil 
Okonomiyaki Sauce {Not the traditional sauce}
1Tsp soy sauce
1Tbs tomato ketchup 
1Tbs mayonnaise 
1Tbs dijon mustard 
2Tbs sriracha sauce
1Tsp honey 
– Mix in all the above ingredients & keep aside. Adjust the flavors if needed.
Few scallions chopped 
Few sesame seeds
– In a bowl whisk eggs & wheat flour to a smooth paste.
– To that bowl mix in cabbage, carrot, scallions & salt.
– Heat a non-stick pan with little oil & pour in the batter in to a circle form.
– Cook it completely on one side, till it is slightly brown & liquid on top of pancake is vanished. Then flip it to the other side. 
– Cook for few seconds or till it goes to light brown in color.
– Remove it from pan & repeat the same with rest of the batter.
– Lay a pancake in a plate & top it with okonomiyaki  sauce along with scallions & sesame seeds. 
– Batter is thick & easy to handle. 
– Traditional okonomiyaki sauce consists of worcestershire sauce & it’s not vegetarian. So I made this my own version of sauce.
– You can add in your choice of vegetables apart from the one’s I added. 

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