I am a train chef and i take special care about the recipes I post. Honestly post only if it turns out good, not just for the sake of creating a post. I never fall under the pressure of posting just to be productive and I only post if my recipe works best.

I do have a list of 'To-try' recipes and choose from it. In my weekly grocery shopping list, I include if any of the ingredient is needed.

While cooking, I take note of any important step or something one should know. Since I have time stamps in the photos / videos, I refer it for estimated times. For cooking, a rough estimate goes a long way in helping to give you an idea.

Though I do not give photo for each and every step, I give vital steps that is not to be missed with relevant steps. Since all my cooking are done with gas stoves in a practical kitchen just like yours, you can be sure about the guide and results.


Besides my blogging, I have lots of love towards music. I love any type of music if it is good to me.