Pav is Indian yeasted bread. The most famous snacks include pav bhaji, Vada pav, misal pav, masala pav etc..
Origin – This bread “Pao” was introduced by Portuguese when they ruled Goa {India} in 15th century. Later in migration it this bread was brought to Mumbai & it became famous over there. {Sources: Holiday Goa}
Recipe – The recipe is simple & doesn’t involves eggs. I used milk in this recipe instead of water & kneaded it for 10mins before & after rising. Making small dough balls will allow the bread to be soft & smooth after it was baked.

Prep Time-3hrs | Cook Time-30mins | Serves-3people | Yields-7pav’s

1&1/2Cups all purpose flour {unbleached}
1/2Cup + 2Tbs milk { add as needed}
2Tsp instant yeast
1/4Tsp salt
1Tbs +2Tsp sugar
1Tbs butter melted
1Tbs flour for dusting
1Tsp butter {baking pan}
1Tsp olive oil {rising bread}
1Tsp milk {brushing on the pav}
Making Dough
– Grease a bowl with olive oil & set aside.
– In a bowl add flour, yeast, salt, sugar & butter.
– To that add milk little by little & mix well.
– Knead dough for 10mins.
– Form a dough & place the dough in greased bowl.
– Cover up & keep it in a warm place.
– Allow it to raise for 1&1/2 hrs.
Make Pav
– Grease a baking pan with butter.
– Dust a wooden board with flour & place the risen dough.
– Punch out all the air & knead dough for 5mins.
– Divide the dough into equal size small balls.
– Place them in the baking sheet leaving a little space in between.
– Cover up & allow the bread to rise for 1&1/2hr.
– Pre heat oven @350degrees for 10mins.
– Brush dough with milk & place them in oven.
– Bake @350degrees for 30mins or till the pav are brown on top.
– Remove from oven & brush some butter to them.
– Allow them to cool before serving.
– Serve as you like.
– Use a bigger bowl for rising dough.
– If dough comes out sticky add some flour & knead the dough. 
– If the place is too warm the risen dough will smell like yeast. 
– Don’t exceed the rising time of bread, or it will smell like yeast.

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