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Pebre Sauce

Pebre Sauce is Chilean Chili Sauce which can be topped on bread, can be used as a rub for meat or can be served as a dip along with tortilla chips. The word pebre means pepper & you can add any type of pepper of your choice in making this dish. You don’t have to grind but for a perfect chunky structure I preferred using a food processor in making this sauce. I loved this sauce as a dip along with tortilla chips.

Pebre Sauce

Adapted from here
Prep Time-10mins | Serves-2People
2Cups of cilantro 
1Small onion chopped
1Roma tomato chopped
1Garlic clove chopped
1/2Tbs red wine vinegar
1Tbs avocado oil/olive oil
1Tbs chili sauce {used sriracha} {Adjust as needed}
Salt to taste 
– Wash & pat dry cilantro. Separate leaves from stems. 
– In a food processor crush cilantro & vinegar to a chunky consistency. Transfer it to a bowl.
– Next add chopped onions & garlic to food processor & grind to chunky bites. Transfer it to cilantro bowl.
– Now grind tomatoes to chunky bites & add them to the cilantro onion bowl.
– Now add chili sauce, salt & oil to bowl. Mix them well. 
– Adjust the taste {salt & chili sauce} if needed. 
– Chill it & serve or serve it right away.
– Add another 1/2tbs of red wine vinegar if you want to. 1/2Tbs was just fine to me.

Pebre Sauce by

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