Pulagam is a Neivedyam you offer to god. It is made of rice, mong dal & ghee by cooking together. It looks dry & can be consumed as normal rice, along with dal, curries, rasam & curd. 
Pulagam is made as daily neivedyam to god.It can also be offered on auspicious & festive occasions. While offering as prashad we top it with little ghee, jaggery & then offered it to god. 
Sravanamasam is a auspicious month & that too tuesdays & fridays are the most important days of this month. So I make this pulagam on these 2days along with a sweet dish & offer it to god. 

Prep Time-5mins | Cook Time-20mins {Electric cooker}
2Cups rice 
4Cups water
1/2Cup moong dal
1Tbs ghee
Piece of Jaggery
– In cooking vessel add rice & dal. 
– Wash them with lots of water. 
– Now add 4cups water & ghee to the cooking vessel. 
– Place it in the electric cooker & switch on. 
– Once the rice is done, allow it to cool for few mins. 
– Top it with a piece of jaggery & ghee. 
– Pulagam is ready for neivedyam.
– If you are using pressure cooker, than you might have to adjust water level. 

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