Quesadillas are an easy to make Mexican delight. These can be served as any course of a meal & can also be a snacked as you like. You can use store bought tortilla’s in making this dish & it will make you job very easy too. The filling in quesadillas can be replaced with your choice of filling too.
I used corn tortillas in making this dish, but you can use your choice of tortillas in making this dish. Quesadillas are served with a dollop of sour cream along, but I served it with yogurt in this recipe. I showed the 2ways of cooking this dish here & hope you will enjoy in making this dish. 
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Prep Time-15mins | Cook Time – 20mins | Serves-2people.
6Corn tortilla
2Cups corn salsa
1Avocado pitted & cut in to bite size pieces
1Cup grated shedder cheese
1/4Cup sour cream / yogurt
– Heat pan & arrange all the ingredients needed side of your stove. 
– Once the pan is heat place a tortilla on it. Cook it for few seconds.

Method 1: 

– On tortilla add cheese on one half & layer it with corn salsa. Then add few pieces of avocado & top it with a layer of cheese. 
– Fold tortilla in to half & remove from heat. 
– Cut it in to 2 pieces.

Method 2:

– On tortilla add a handful of cheese & on top of it add corn salsa. On top of salsa place few avocado pieces & little cheese. 
– Top it with another tortilla & flip it carefully. 
– Cook the other side for few seconds & remove from stove. 
– Cut it in to half & cut each piece in to half. 

– Serve warm with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt. 

– You can replace salsa & avocado with your favorite filling. 


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