San Marzano tomatoes (or elvish shoes!)

Coming home from Earth, one of my favourite local grocery shops, clutching a small bag of vibrant San Marzano tomatoes, I wondered if these tomatoes really will taste superior as it is alleged. The proof will be in the pudding, or perhaps a pizza sauce or more likely a simple stew or sauce. I have plans for these beauties, I just haven’t finalised the fine detail.

What has given me the most joy so far was photographing the tomatoes. With their long thin bodies and pointed tips, through the lens of my camera they started to look a little like the sort of soft clogs a small elf might wear. It is possible that I have been overindulging in fairy tales again (thinking of The Elves and the Shoemaker) or possibly in a box-set of Grimm. Either way, it made me laugh.

But if they are an elf‘s shoes, then what on earth happened to their owner? It is as if the elf has been pulled face first through my battered old baking tray on which I’d placed the tomatoes; (a tray I am convinced is so old and seasoned that it probably does have magical qualities).

It would be nicer to think of a second scenario; wherein after a hard day of invisible domestic duty and fairy chores around my house that the long-suffering elf has thrown off these shoes and scampered off to put their feet up with a well-deserved rest. A girl can dream . . .

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