Shame, shame, shame on me. The other day I proceeded to fold down an empty Ziploc baggie box and insert into our recycler container in the garage. The wife yelled out to me……..”Don’t forget we are saving box tops for education coupons”. What? Oh yeah………those little pictures of box tops with a pencil on them. These tiny little coupon labels can equate to serious money for schools when considering the school can redeem each label for ten cents. Per the elementary school PTO, our school has purchased numerous library books, computers, laminators and much, much more. The following brands participate in the program:

• Betty Crocker®
• Bisquick®
• Fiber One™
• Gold Medal®
• Nestle®
• Cascadian Farm®
• General Mills or Big “G” Cereals
• Chex®
• Curves™ Cereals
• Disney’s® Cereals
• Nature Valley®
• Green Giant® Vegetables
• Hamburger Helper® products
• Old El Paso® products
• Suddenly Salad® Mixes
• Fruit Roll-Ups® products
• COTTONELLE® products
• GOODNITES® products
• HUGGIES® products
• Avery® Office Supplies
• Hi-Liter®
• Marks-A-Lot®
• Ziploc®

That is quite a list. I am sure there are more products I missed so look for the logo and save it. Anyway, even you don’t have kids in school, why not save these coupons and give them to nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or even the neighbor and support their schools? At ten cents a coupon, the rewards add up fast. Most households probably purchase one of these items at least once a week. That is ten cents a week times 52 weeks or $5.20 per household at a minimum. Add up the households in the school neighborhood and several of these items purchased every week, and that equates to a lot of new items for the local school. If you want more information on participating in box tops for education please visit their website. The website is easy to navigate and even tracks the local school’s progress being made throughout the year. Give it a try!

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