Soy Milk 400ml
     Coconut Milk 400ml
     Water  100ml
     Sugar  90g
     Agar 20g
     Molasses sugar 100g
     Water 100g
     Roasted Soy Powder as you like
1)    Mix sugar and agar well.
2)    Boil water and sprinkle mixed sugar and agar and blend it well.
3)    Pour warmed Soy milk into the above but never to be boiled.
4)    Pour Coconut milk and blend it well.
5)    Cool it in a refrigerator.
1)    Put Molasses sugar and water in a pan.
2)    Boil the above and stir until it gets little bit thick.
3)    Keep it in a refrigerator.
*You can make it with 10-15g of powdered gelatin. In case of using gelatin, sprinkle over gelatin with 90 ml of cold water instead of 100ml. Warm the soy milk and coconut milk together in a pan (never to be boiled). Off the heat and add the gelatin and blend it well. Cool it in a refrigerator.

(10g of gelatin : very soft texture. 15g of gelatin : normal to hard texture.)

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