The Winner of the Le Creuset Condiment Pot and The English Provender Co Chutneys


  photo LC_Potsspoon_04_zps52dc84b2.jpg
 Although I am still not feeling very well, I did promise that a winner would be picked for the English Provender Co Giveaway.   I printed out all the comments, cut them out and popped them into a Christmas Stocking and then got the Toddster to pick one out . . .  I wish I could give one to all of my readers, but alas . . . . I cannot. 

 photo English_Provender_Co_chutneys_zps280547f9.jpg
 The winner of the giveaway is: 
I am as fond of Le Creuset as I am of The English Provender Co TOO Marie. That pot is SOOOOO cute.

If you could please e-mail me with your particulars I can pass them onto the people at English Provender so that they can get it sent out to you!  With any lucky you may even have it before Christmas.  You are a very lucky person.  Even I don’t have one of these!

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