1 cup beans (any dried varity )
1 cup dried sweet corn ( do your own it is cheaper)
1 cup dried squash
2 tbs barley,
a small handful of dried onion,
1/2 tbs of garlic powder.
1 to 1/2 cups dried beef chunks (to taste).
any other dried veggies you may have around like green beans

Salt makes the skins on the beans tough. Add water to
cover about 2 inches over dried mixture. Cook a good long time at
least 2 hours. If you need to add water, Add hot water as the beans
will remain hard if you add cold. This is good to take camping as
you would be carrying dried ingredients and just adding water when
ready to cook. This also holds up very well to cooking all day over
an open fire. Add salt at the table. Serve with hot frybread.

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