After seeing several Totoro Macarons on Tumblr and various pictures on the internet, I noticed that they were either the blue Totoro or the grey Totoro. They were never all 3 of the Totoros together, which made me sad. I love the white little one! He’s the first to show up in the movie, yet no one ever made him into a macaron. I didn’t even eat one because they’re so cute.

If you never watched this movie, you’re missing out on some cuteness. Even though there’s a rumor behind it saying that it’s about two girls getting raped and kidnapped..o.O

Anyways, the filling I made is a cookies and creme buttercream. I used some leftover italian meringue to make it, and added a couple of crushed up oreos. Yummy!

I also made the grey Totoro using a couple of crushed up oreos (okay, they’re actually Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s) to get that nice grey color. Didn’t really use much food coloring for him. The inside tastes like a classier oreo, if you know what I mean. 😀

To make these, just use a small piping tip to do the outlines, and fill it in with a bigger tip. Because if you make the shape too thin, it won’t have feet. Then I piped white icing (cookie icing) on top to make the eyes and stomach. Then I used a food coloring pen to draw the little details. And that’s it 😀 simple, but time-consuming. I think it’s worth it though. Although I didn’t get much likes on tumblr 🙁

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